Diamond Shape

Brancier Jewellers sells loose diamonds in many different shapes, including round (Brilliant), square (Princess), rectangular (Emerald), oval and pear. Since all diamond shapes are very different, unique characteristics determine the quality for each shape.

At Brancier Jewellers, we apply the same high quality standards to all of our diamond shapes.

The choice of a diamond shape is a very personal and subjective decision. Provided the diamond is well cut, there is no quality difference as such between the different diamond shapes. Some shapes have more facets and hence appear more sparkly such as the round Brilliant cut, whereas others are more subtle such as the Asscher cut.

The best way to find out what diamond shape you prefer is to try on a range of rings to see what shape suits your hand. At Brancier Jewellers, we can show you a range of different diamond shapes during an obligation-free diamond appointment and you can try on our wide range of rings on display.

To learn more about the different diamond shapes, click on the links below: