Oval Cut Diamonds

The Oval diamond is a beautiful brilliant cut diamond with a symmetrical elongated shape that gives an illusion of length on the hand, if worn on an engagement ring. It was created in the 1960s as an alternative to the round brilliant cut diamond.

The oval cut diamond is a brilliant and fiery diamond that reflects light beautifully. Like the round brilliant, it usually has 58 facets, but can vary slightly in its cut with anywhere from 4, 6 or 8 pavilion facets. There is no standard length to width ratio for oval cuts. They can be almost round, with a wider mid section and shorter length or very long and lean. As long as the diamond is well cut, the choice is yours!

Similar to the marquise, oval cut diamonds can display a bow tie effect: a dark area shaped like a bow tie in the centre of the diamond. It is not unusual to see a slightly darkened section in the centre of a diamond of this cut, however if the bow tie effect is very strong or apparent, it is most likely the sign of a poorly cut diamond.

Oval cut diamonds are the perfect option for someone who loves the fire of the round brilliant diamond, but wants to have something a little bit different. Also, the elegant shape of the oval can look beautiful in a variety of jewellery pieces, from solitaire engagement rings to anniversary rings to pendants and earrings.