Gold Buying

With gold prices on the rise, your old jewellery box may be holding thousands of dollars worth of treasure. Now is the best time to turn your old, broken and unwanted jewellery into cash.Scrapgold

We at Brancier Jewellers buy almost any type of gold, including gold jewellery, coins and bars etc. We are not concerned about your material’s condition or appearance. The value of your gold jewellery is based on two determining factors: Weight & Purity. If you have some gold that’s been sitting in your drawer for years collecting dust, then stop by to have your items professionally evaluated.



  • We will closely examine and test all of your items and offer a no-obligation estimate. If you accept our offer, we pay you on the spot.
  • Please note that we pay for scrap gold only. Please be sure to remove any stones in your jewellery that you wish to keep as we do not include these in the weight and purchase price of your gold. We cannot return stones once you have accepted our payout offer so again, please be sure to remove stones you wish to keep.