Cushion Cut Diamonds

The Cushion cut is one of the most popular cuts of diamond ever. It has been around since the 19th century, and was long known by its original name, the Old Mine Cut. Modern cushion cut diamonds have better symmetry and crisper facets than those found in antique and estate jewellery, but the cut has not changed significantly since its creation.

The cushion cut has a similar facet arrangement to the round brilliant cut, and can range from squarish shapes to more rectangular cuts, all featuring the cushion’s characteristic rounded corners. Cushion cut diamonds decreased in popularity during the early part of the twentieth century, with the invention of the round brilliant cut, but have recently seen a renaissance, as more people opt for a classic or antique look for their engagement rings and other diamond jewellery.

Given the shape of this style of cut, you should consider purchasing a diamond with a clarity grading of SI1 or higher. The larger facets on the top half of the diamond magnify inclusions, especially if located in the centre of the diamond, affecting the diamond’s brilliance. Well cut cushion cut diamonds wit h a good clarity grading will provide a beautiful option for any type of diamond jewellery.