A diamond certificate, sometimes referred to as the 5th C, is a document prepared by a trained gemmologist that specifies a diamond’s exact measurements, weight, colour, clarity and other details. A certificate can provide piece of mind when buying a diamond as it gives you the assurance that the diamond is what you are paying for.

It is important that the diamond certificate has been produced by an independent diamond grading laboratory, such as GIA, GemScan, AGS, HRD or IGI

Diamond grading laboratories such as those mentioned above use the latest technology to assess the nature, quality and conditions of a finished, polished diamond. Most certificates generally include an analysis of each of the 4 C’s, together with a clarity diagram showing the position of any inclusions. Some laboratories also provide an analysis of the light performance as well as a laser inscription of the number of the certificate or report on the girdle of the diamond for identification purposes.

Brancier Jewellers loose diamonds come with independent certificates from leading diamond grading labs.