Pear Cut Diamonds

The Pear cut is a hybrid cut of diamond, meaning it combines the best of the oval and marquise diamond cuts, in a sparkling teardrop shape. Some of the world’s most famous diamonds are pear shaped. The De Beers Millennium Star is a 203 carat pear shaped diamond that took three years to cut and polish into the world’s only internally and externally flawless diamond in this shape.

Cut to demonstrate spectacular fire, the pear shaped diamond has facets that echo those of the oval or round brilliant diamond on its rounded end, and similar facets to a marquise on its pointed end, creating an elegant, brilliant appearance.

When purchasing a pear shaped diamond, it is important to choose a diamond with the highest cut grade possible. Pear shaped diamonds that are poorly cut exhibit a bow tie effect, which is a dark section in the centre of the diamond that can detract from the brilliance of the diamond, regardless of its colour or clarity. Also, it is important to ensure that the diamond has a very good or excellent symmetry grading to avoid uneven or high shoulders.

Like all fancy cut diamonds, the shape of the rough diamond crystal is what determines the shape of the polished diamond. As the length to width ratio can vary, it is a question of taste as to which will be the best diamond for you. Long, narrow pear shaped diamonds look beautiful as pendants, while wider, shorter pears can work very well in an engagement ring.